Affiliate Agreement Ambassadors Program 2022

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of our Ambassador Program. We are so excited to have positive and exciting people join our team. Our program consists of spreading the good word, and of course getting rewarded when our partnership is successful. We have 3 tiers of ambassadors. Here is how it works. ♡

  1. First time Ambassador - (Steps to become a Sponsored Ambassador)

Basically this is the time you show us your influencing power! First, become an Affiliate by clicking the link . After your approval email, you can login to your dashboard and discover your coupon code and referral link to profit from every sale you refer. All you gotta do is spread the word about our products on your Social Media, Text, Email or Blog Posts (making sure you include your coupon code or referral link). No need to purchase any of our products, as you can pretty much use the content on our website or Instagram Account. If you prefer to purchase products, you can use your referral discount coupon of 10% and you will still make a 5% commission on that sale. Commission on Referrals are paid via PayPal every 15th and 30th of each month. You can login to your dashboard to check how much profit you've made. Instagram Stories and Reels are one the most powerful tools to get people to purchase using your link or discount code. If you reach 5 referrals monthly you qualify to be a Sponsored Ambassador. 

Please note:

- In order to maintain your Ambassador Status you must be sharing your link and coupon consistently.

- MBS is allowed to terminate your affiliate status if not enough clicks or content are being generated. 

  1. Sponsored Ambassador:

Congratulations, Babe. You are a true asset when it comes to spreading the good news. By getting 5 referrals monthly you are officially a Sponsored Ambassador. 

Here is what you get:

- A free swimsuit of your choice monthly from our list of Available Products for Merch;

- A 10% commission on sales generated from coupon code or referral link.

What you give:

- In order to maintain the Sponsored Ambassador Status you must get at least 5 referrals monthly. The more you share your link and code, the more commission you make. ♡

-  By accepting this agreement, MBS has the right to invoice you for the amount of the merchandise if no content is created within 3 weeks of receiving the shipment.  

As usual, you can login to your Affiliate Dashboard on our website to discover your coupon code and/or referral link. You can also login to check how much commission you've earned. Payments are made via PayPal to the email provided on the 15th and 30th of each month.

  1. MBS Diamond Ambassador 

If you have more than 100k legit followers in the niche that we work, or if you are a Sponsored Ambassador that has been getting more than 20 referrals monthly, let's celebrate because you got there babe. We will not only increase your commission to 20% per referral but increase your product budget depending on your needs for content creation. 

- MBS reserves the right to terminate your status at any time if content is not being created or not enough link clicks are being made. 

- By accepting this agreement MBS has the right to invoice you for the amount of the merchandise if no content is created within 3 weeks of receiving the shipment.  

Best of Luck and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 💞 


MBS team.